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  • Support with VAT optimising strategies.

  • Partial Exemption services to maximise your cash flow.

  • Specialist healthcare VAT consultancy - we understand the complex VAT rules of your sector.

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We have over 30 years’ collective experience in recovering vital savings for the healthcare sector. We get immense satisfaction from using our expertise to help individuals within the healthcare sector to reduce their VAT liability and get the money flowing to where it is put to best use. The healthcare sector is home to some of the most complicated VAT planning opportunities, but our innovative solutions have seen us win significant sums of money for our clients, and we’re not stopping there.


We provide specialist advice and support across the healthcare sector and the NHS, including for individuals such as doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, pharmacists, health care visitors, and much more. We have two industry experts within the team, Noel Tyler and Andrew Belcher, who work closely with Liaison Group and have extensive NHS VAT specific training. Every penny counts when it comes to the life-saving work and vital support provided by the individuals in this sector, and we take pride in the work we do to contribute to that in some small way.


We specialise in key areas of VAT that are more complicated within the healthcare sector.


So, how can we help?


Register for VAT – It is essential to understand your VAT liability and what you do and don’t have to pay VAT on as a healthcare professional or business. Benefits of registering include recovery of input tax, which is not achievable using any other method; opportunities for pre-registration VAT claims; and the potential recovery of VAT on items that wouldn’t be possible without being registered.

Put partial exemption in action – A lot of services within healthcare are essentially tax free (zero rate), and businesses that are partially exempt (supplies services/products of both a taxable and an exempt nature) must use an approved method to calculate how much of its residual input tax can be recovered. Our work in this area has resulted in huge savings for businesses and individuals across the sector.

​VAT Reviews – Ensuring compliance with ever-evolving VAT legislation and HRMC policies is key. We are currently working with NHS Trusts across the UK to review how the law is applied to car parking, amongst other things. We will investigate every avenue to challenge HMRC to deliver long-term and ongoing VAT recovery and savings strategies.​

Proactive planning – With the majority of healthcare providers already incurring a daily 20% rate on day-to-day running costs of business, unforeseen ‘one-off’ costs can cause a real headache, whether it’s urgent repairs or temporary staff. Having a plan in place from the very beginning can help mitigate VAT and ensure that any budgeted capital expenditure is properly reviewed in order to take advantage of statutory reliefs such as reduced and zero-rated VAT. Recent changes to what is covered under zero-rate relief means healthcare providers could benefit from restructuring business operations to recover ongoing running costs, as well as capital spend. This should be carefully considered in conjunction with the overall objectives and goals of the business.

VAT consultancy – whether you need guidance on your current VAT processes, or you need specialist advice on an issue with HMRC, our industry experts can provide a tailored service to suit your specific needs.

Please note: The UK is currently bound by rules of the EU and is unable to significantly extend the reliefs which are currently available to the healthcare sector. The impact on the VAT rules could be substantial once the UK exits the EU.

Meet the Experts


 Noel Tyler 

Executive Chairman


"VATangles is a trusted partner who has an in-depth knowledge of tax law and success at representing clients at Tribunals and in the Courts. Their expertise and advice on a recent case and other VAT matters over the last few years has been invaluable."


Gary Horne

Executive Vice Principal

Colchester Institute Corporation

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