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To Optimise your VAT


  • Expert advice on registering for VAT for your charity.

  • Optimise your cash flow with partial exemption.

  • Use our services to reclaim as much VAT as possible.


Charities and not-for-profit organisations are run with kindness and compassion at the centre of what they do. We are so proud to support this essential work, helping with all aspects of VAT. From global bodies to local charities supporting the community, our experienced team are fully-equipped to negotiate and challenge HRMC on specific VAT matters that are targeted towards this specific sector. In finding the best possible VAT liabilities for our clients, we are able to do our bit to help you meet your aims and objectives, and let you focus on the important bits.


Some charities don’t realise that they are required to follow many of the same rules as other businesses, and the whole process can become complicated. Our friendly, knowledgeable team at VATangles can advise on all aspects of VAT including business/non business apportionment, partial exemption and potential zero rate projects. When it comes to dealing with HRMC, we have successfully obtained VAT repayments via the tax tribunal and the courts. We will defend our clients against any charges or penalties, assisting every step of the way.


How does VAT work for charities and not-for-profits?


A charity/not-for-profit is required to register for VAT if taxable turnover exceeds £83,000 in any rolling 12-month period. If the profit of your organisation does not exceed £83,000, but you still wish to register to reclaim some of the VAT on expenditure for example, you may still register.

It is easy for VAT for charities and not-for-profits to become confusing, as they land somewhere in the middle of being a business and non-business in HRMC assessments.

It’s not always straightforward to work out what counts as a ‘sale’ in terms of VAT. We will take the pressure of working this out from you, and ensure you remain compliant at all times.

So, what exactly can we help with?

Partial exemption - We can help you assess whether your charity or organisation qualifies for a reduced or zero rate of VAT on certain aspects. From the construction of new buildings, to funded equipment, we can advise you on how much input VAT you can reclaim on your services.

Reclaiming VAT – As long as you are VAT registered, there is an opportunity to recover underclaimed or overpaid VAT. Our experts have won back millions of pounds for clients, using their expertise of tax law to challenge HRMC and fight for what is right.

VAT reviews – how is VAT processed within your organisation? How do you make sure you are compliant, or you’re not missing any opportunities to create savings? Here at VATangles we can perform a thorough audit of the implications and outcomes, offering you peace of mind that everything is in hand with our knowledgeable, experienced team.

Meet the Experts

image of noel tyler chairman of vatangles

 Noel Tyler 

Executive Chairman


"VATangles is a trusted partner who has an in-depth knowledge of tax law and success at representing clients at Tribunals and in the Courts. Their expertise and advice on a recent case and other VAT matters over the last few years has been invaluable."


Gary Horne, Executive Vice Principal

Colchester Institute Corporation

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