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Optimise your VAT


VATangles was founded in 2004 by Noel Tyler, a well-respected figure in the VAT industry, with a purpose to make a difference to not-for-profit organisations. Noel wanted to use his extensive senior knowledge of VAT and tax law, gained working for companies such as KPMG, Deloitte and UHY Hacker Young to create a Tax Law and legally proactive specialist VAT consultancy.


Noel is the Executive Chairman of the company and leads a team of highly experienced and qualified VAT consultants to offer a broad range of VAT services to charities, agricultural societies, healthcare and education organisations. The specialist sector approach has resulted in positive legal challenges that have changed VAT policies and the treatment of certain VAT positions, in addition to many of VATangles' clients achieving long-term savings.


Our approach in the VAT industry is one of independence rooted in the desire to create a fair system which benefits our clients. By choice, our business model is different and not restricted by any audit arms of traditional accountancy bias consultancies. We are independent and, as such, we do not over-rely on HMRC's guidance.


Our expertise is the practical application of the law – statute and case law in the UK and EU to all matters of VAT. We have found that by close and unfettered analysis of the law, asking ourselves ‘what if’ then opportunities or ‘VAT angles’ naturally arise, which may not have been considered by others before. Our approach more often than not leads us to a challenge HMRC’s guidance, which we are quite happy to do.


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 Noel Tyler 

Executive Chairman

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