VATangles is an independent firm specialising in VAT solutions for both the public and the private sectors.


The qualified VAT specialists at VATangles can offer the benefits, knowledge and experience gained from working in excess of 30 years with colleges, charities, the NHS, not for profit organisations, government departments, businesses and private individuals, to recover millions of pounds through VAT and efficiency savings. 


In the current tough market conditions, savings and compliance are high on the strategic list of most organisations and individuals. At VATangles we can offer high end VAT efficiency savings and quality compliance without the need for high end prices. 


VATangles is an innovative VAT consultancy with an extensive knowledge of VAT law. Consequently, we regularly challenge HMRC on their policies and assessments.


We have experience litigating VAT appeals in Tax Tribunals and the Courts. We have had success in such challenges all the way to the Court of Justice of the European Union - leading to significant savings for our clients and changes to the UK's VAT law.


Noel Tyler
Executive Director
ntyler@vatangles.com | Phone: 01858 565142
James Hurst
Technical Director
jhurst@vatangles.com | Phone: 01858 565142
Andrew Belcher
abelcher@vatangles.com | Phone: 01858 565142
Katherine Cox 
Managing Director
kcox@vatangles.com | Phone: 01858 565142
Michael Lowe
VAT Analyst
mlowe@vatangles.com | Phone: 01858 565142
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